AWARDS 2017 - 2018



May 4-6, 2018

Junior Core Performer Winner: Lindsey Weaver

Junior Solo 2nd Runner-Up: Shay Kaminski

Junior Solo 4th Runner Up: Lindsey Weaver


May 4-6, 2018

Junior VIP Winner: Riley Kauffman
Mini VIP Runner-Up: Fallyn Kauffman


April 20-22, 2018

Justin Giles Nationals Scholarship: Jenna Brugler

Making Noise Scholarship: Stella Morris

Miss Pre-Teen Solo High Score: Lindsey Weaver

Pre-Teen Solo 6th Runner-Up: Stella Morris

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges Pick: Grow - Elizabeth Golaszewski & Stella Morris

Senior 6th Runner-Up: Elizabeth Golaszewski


April 20-22, 2018

Martin Harvey's Choice Artist: Olivia Lawrence

Cutting Edge in Tap: Adyson Williams

Cutting Edge in Jazz/Contemporary: Caroline Hughes

Cutting Edge in Ballet: Lilly Larence, Alyssa Montler, Sabrina Velegol

Cutting Edge in Musical Theatre: Kayla Orner


April 20-22, 2018

Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship: Riley Kauffman

Excellence Scholarship & LA Agency Award: Fallyn Kauffman


April 13-15, 2018

Full Revel Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman & Riley Kauffman
Half Revel Scholarship: Lindsey Weaver


April 7, 2018

2nd Place College Scholarship Competition $1,500: Nicole Pandolfi

2nd Overall Advanced Competitive Solo: Jenna Brugler

3rd Overall Advanced Competitive Solo: Julia Miller

5th Overall Intermediate Competitive Solo: Alyssa Montler

2nd Overall Elementary Recreational Small Group: Fabulous - Orange Team


March 28 -31, 2018

Point Park Summer Intensive Scholarship Recipients: Rachel Ahn, Jenna Brugler, Elizabeth Golaszewski, Anna Gorenflo, Julia Miller

Choreography Award: The Wall - White Team

This award was given in memory of Jane Cicci

Division 3 Solo 1st Overall: Lindsey Weaver

Division 3 Solo 2nd Overall: Amelia Rater

Division 3 Solo 3rd Overall: Stella Morris

Division 3 Solo 4th Overall: Lilly Lawrence

Division 3 Solo 5th Overall: Jordan Hlivia

Division 4 Solo 2nd Overall: Anna Scourtis

Division 4 Solo 3rd Overall: Riley Kauffman

Division 4 Solo 6th Overall: Brooke Givens

Division 5 Solo 3rd Overall: Julia Miller

Division 5 Solo 4th Overall: Elizabeth Golaszewski

Division 6 Solo 7th Overall: Nicole Pandolfi

Division 3 Duo/Trio 1st Overall & Judges Pick: You Are A Memory - Riley Kauffman & Lindsey Weaver

Division 3 Duo/Trio 2nd Overall: Can You Do This - Fallyn Kauffman & Riley Kauffman

Division 3 Duo/Trio 4th Overall: Carousel - Shay Kaminski & Amelia Rater

Division 4 Duo/Trio 4th Overall: Nobody But The baby - Rachel Ahn & Shay Kaminski

Division 4 Duo/Trio 6th Overall: Grow - Elizabeth Golaszewski & Stella Morris

Division 5 Duo/Trio 3rd Overall: Jenna Brugler, Elizabeth Golaszewski, & Anna Gorenflo

Division 5 Duo/Trio 5th Overall: Look Out - Rachel Ahn & Julia Miller

Division 2 Group 3rd Overall: OMG - Rainbow Team

Division 3 Group 1st Overall : Spectrum - Riley Kauffman, Shay Kaminski, Anna Scourtis, Lindsey Weaver

Division 3 Group 3rd Overall: Brit Mix - Iris Team

Division 4 Group 1st Overall: The Wall - White Team

Division 5 Group 2nd Overall: Dust to Dust - Fuchsia Team

Division 3 Small Line 1st Overall: Doves - Magenta Team

Division 4 Small Line 1st Overall: River - Black Team

Division 5 Small Line 1st Overall: Word Up  - Watermelon Team 


March 23-25, 2018

Junior Break Out Artist Winner: Riley Kauffman
Mini Break Out Artist Finalist: Fallyn Kauffman


March 25, 2018

3rd Overall Teen Solo & 1st in Tap Category: Cecila Mazzocco
1st in Teen Contemporary Solo: Jordan Hlvia
1st in Teen Hip Hop: Elaina Martin


March 16-18, 2018

Mini Non-Stop Dancer Winner: Stella Morris

Mini Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up: Fallyn Kauffman, Olivia Lawrence, & Alyssa Montler

Junior Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver, & Zachary Ritchie

Teen Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up: Elizabeth Golaszewski & Kasie Hertzberg

High Five in Tap: Mackenzie Ritchie, Sophie Scourtis, & Adyson Williams

High Five in Jazz: Lillian Lawrence, Amelia Rater & Raegan Scullin

High Five in Ballet: Emma Corkery, Ella George, Brooke Givens, Ella George, Addison Hertzberg, Jordan Hlvia, Allison Valeri, Sabrina Velegol, McKenna Whitehurst, & Olivia Wright

High Five in Hip Hop: Jenna Bruglar

Studio Showcase Award: Word Up - Watermelon Team

6th Overall Teen Solo: Elizabeth Golaszewski

Junior Highest Scoring Production: Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Prismurple Team


March 8-10, 2018

Mini Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up: Fallyn Kauffman & Stella Morris

Junior Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, & Lindsey Weaver

High Five in Tap: Olivia Lawrence

High Five in Jazz: Lillian Lawrence

3rd Overall Mini Solo: Stella Morris

7th Overall Junior Solo: Shay Kaminski

8th Overall Junior Solo: Lindsey Weaver


March 2-4 2018

Mini Break Out Artist Winner: Stella Morris

Mini Break Out Artist Finalist: Fallyn Kauffman

Junior Break Out Artist Finalists: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver

Stand Out in Ballroom: Julia Miller & Amelia Rater

Stand Out in Jazz/Contemporary: Jenna Brugler

4th Overall Mini Solo: Stella Morris

5th Overall Mini Solo: Fallyn Kauffman

5th Overall Junior Solo: Shay Kaminski

6th Overall Junior Solo: Lindsey Weaver


February 17-18, 2018

Doves - Selected for Koresh Artist Showcase in April

Selected for Motion Elite w/ Adam Cates: Kasie Hertzberg & Bella Powers

Motion Scholarships

Darrel Grand Moultrie Class Scholarship: Stella Morris

Melissa Rector Class Scholarship: Shay Kaminski

Micah Geyer Class Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman

Adam Cates Class Scholarship: Addy Williams

Phil Orsano Class Scholarship: Riley Kauffman & Lilly Lawrence

Anna Thompson Class Scholarship: Zachary Ritchie

Partial Grier Summer Summer Intensive Scholarship: Riley Kauffman

2nd Overall Highest Score of Entire Competition: Bring to LIght - Shay Kaminski

1st Overall Mini Solo: Fallyn Kauffman

2nd Overall Mini Solo: Olivia Lawrence

3rd Overall Mini Solo: Mackenzie Ritchie

1st Overall Junior Solo: Shay Kaminski

2nd Overall Junior Solo: Riley Kauffman

3rd Overall Junior Solo: Amelia Rater

2nd Overall Teen Solo: Lauren Velegol

1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio: Specturm - Riley Kauffman & Shay Kaminski

2nd Overall Junior Duo/Trio: Penniless Optimist - Stell Morris, Amelia Rater, Zachary Ritchie

3rd Overall Junior Duo/Trio: Carousel - Shay Kaminski & Amelia Rater

3rd Overall Teen Duo/Trio: Soldier - Isabella Powers & Lauren Velegol

Outstanding Stage: Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Prismuprle Team

Most Inspiring: Alyssa Montler

Best Costume: Doves - Magenta Team


February 9-11, 2018

Mini VIP Runner Up: Fallyn Kauffman, Stella Morris, Alyssa Montler

Jr VIP Runner Up: Shay Kaminski, Riley Kauffman, Amelia Rater, Lindsey Weaver

Teen VIP Runner Up: Rachel Ahn, Elizabeth Golaszewski

Senior VIP Runner Up: Lexi Lonsdale

Standout in Ballet: Kasie Hertzberg

Standout in Hip Hop: Brooke Givens

Standout in Musical Theatre: Ceci Mazzocco & Hope Neal

9th Overall Highest Scoring Mini Soloist: Stella Morris

7th Overall Highest Scoring Mini Soloist: Fallyn Kauffman

9th Overall Highest Scoring Jr Soloist: Riley Kauffman

4th Overall Highest Scoring Jr Soloist: Lindsey Weaver

2nd Overall Highest Scoring Jr Duet: You Are A Memory - Riley Kauffman & Lindsey Weaver

9th Overall Highest Scoring Teen Soloist: Elizabeth Golaszewski


February 2-4, 2018

Sportsmanship Award! - Awarded to the studio for outstanding generosity, supporting other dancers, and being gracious to all.

Mini Elite Dancer of the weekend: Fallyn Kauffman

Ballet Scholarship in Mini/Jr Room: McKenna Whitehurst

Single Convention Scholarship: Mackenzie Ritchie

Mini Scholarship Finalist: Olivia Wright

Jr Elite Dancer of the Weekend: Riley Kauffman

Mr Jr Elite Dancer of the Weekend Runner-Up: Zachary Ritchie

Nationals Scholarship: Stella Morris & Lindsey Weaver

Jr Scholarship Finalists: Elaina Martin, Lilly Lawrence, Amelia Rater, Addy Williams, Jordan Hlivia, Alyssa Montler

Teen Tap Scholarship: Ceci Mazzocco

Single Convention Scholarship: Kiyah Lugue

Teen Scholarship Finalists: Kayla Orner, Brooke Givens, Maddi Scavone, Bella Powers

Edge Performing Arts 20 Class Card: Jenna Brugler

Year Long Convetion Scholarship: Julia Miller

Sr Scholarship Finalist: Anna Gorenflo


January 12-14, 2018

Stand Out Studio Award! - Awarded to the studio that demonstrates outstanding performance in both convention classes and competition.

Retter's Scholarship: Jenna Brugler

Regional Scholarship: Julia Miller, Anna Gorenflo, Stella Morris, Lindsey Weaver

Erica Sobol Class Scholarship to Nationals: Rachel Ahn

Seth Zibalese Class Scholarship to Nationals: Anna Scourtis

Courage Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman, Elizabeth Golaszewski

Junior Overall High Score Soloist: Fallyn Kauffman

Pre-Teen 9th Runner-Up: Jordan Hlivia

Pre-Teen 7th Runner-Up: Riley Kauffman

Pre-Teen 5th Runner-Up: Lilly Lawrence

Pre-Teen 3rd Runner-Up: Stella Morris

Pre-Teen 2nd Runner-Up: Shay Kaminski

Pre-Teen 1st Runner-Up: Amelia Rater

Pre-Teen High Score Soloist: Lindsey Weaver

Mr. Pre-Teen High Score Soloist: Zachary Ritchie

Teen 8th Runner-Up: Lauren Velegol

Teen 7th Runner-Up: Ceci Mazzocco

Teen 4th Runner-Up: Anna Scourtis

Senior 6th Runner-Up: Anna Gorenflo

Senior 5th Runner-Up: Jenna Brugler

Senior 2nd Runner-Up: Elizabeth Golaszewski

Jr Group Lyrical Style High Score: The Valley - Prismatic Team

Jr Group Judges Pick & Hip Hop Style High Score: OMG - Rainbow Team

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Jazz Style High Score: Can You Do This - Fallyn & Riley Kauffman

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Hip Hop Style High Score: P.Y.T. - Raegan Scullin & Adyson Williams

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Variety Style High Score: Carousel - Shay Kaminski & Amelia Rater

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio 1st Runner-Up: You Are A Memory - Riley Kauffman & Lindsey Weaver

Pre-Teen Duo/Trio High Score: Grow - Stella Morris & Elizabeth Golaszewski

Pre-Teen Group Variety Style High Score: Brit Mix - Iris Team

Pre-Teen Group 1st Runner-Up: Spectrum

Pre-Teen Line 1st Runner-Up: Doves -Magenta Team

Pre-Teen Production Judges Pick & Production Hip Hop Style High Score: Baewatch - Blue Team

Pre-Teen Production Runner-Up: Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Prismuprle Team

Teen Duo/Trio High Score: Nobody But the Baby

Teen Group High Score: The Wall - White Team

Teen Line 1st Runner-up: River - Black Team

Teen Production Jazz Style High Score: Work - Indigo Team

Teen Production High Score: Bun Up the Dance - Rose Team

Senior Duo/Trip Hip Hop Style High Score: Big Fish - Jenna Brugler & Anna Gorenflo

Senior Group Lyrical Style High Score: We Used To - Green Team

Senior Line 1st Runner-Up: Word Up - Watermelon Team

Dance Again!: The Wall - White Team


January 5-7, 2018

Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship: Lindsey Weaver

Hollywood Vibe Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman & Riley Kauffman

LA Agency Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman & Riley Kauffman

2nd Overall Junior Solo: Lindsey Weaver


November 3-5, 2017

Petite Miss Dance of Pennsylvania: Fallyn Kauffman

Junior Miss Dance of Pennsylvania: Shay Kaminski

Junior Miss Dance of Pennsylvania 1st Runner-Up: Stella Morris

Teen Miss Dance of Pennsylvania 1st Runner-Up: Riley Kauffman

Miss Dance of Pennsylvania 1st Runner-Up: Julia Miller


October 20-22, 2017

Mini Core Performer Winner: Stella Morris

Junior Core Performer Winner: Shay Kaminski

6th Overall Mini Solo: Stella Morris

3rd Overall Junior Solo: Shay Kaminski


October 22, 2017

Revel Full Scholarship: Fallyn Kauffman, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver





May 7, 2017

Core performers:
Stella Morris
Lindsey Weaver & 6th place solo junior

Cutting edge dancers:
Adyson Williams - Tap
Riley Kauffman - Lyrical/Contemporary
Alyssa Montler - Lyrical/Contemporary


March 31 - April 2, 2017

Ray's die hard dancer:
Emily Dale

Jason's die hard dancer:
Fallyn Kauffman

Break out artists:
Sophie Scourtis
Stella Morris
Zach Ritchie
Lindsey Weaver
Shay Kaminski
Riley Kauffman
Emma Bannach

Jazz/contemporary stand-outs:
Anna Gorenflo
Olivia Lawrence
Julia Miller
Anna Scourtis

Sara Funk

Tap stand-outs:
Jaden Carothers
Mia Case
Cecilia Mazzocco

Ballet stand-outs:
Cassandra Greenland
Addison Hertzberg
Nicole Pandolfi
Isabella Powers
Isabella Rater

Hip hop stand-outs:
Alyssa Montler


March 12, 2017

Shay Kaminski received the "Weekend Warrior" Award from Jaci

High gold:
Chasing Light

It Doesn't Hurt
Almost Over
Don't Worry About Me
Let Myself Try
Maybe I Don't Know
Shake the Room

Nonstop dancers:
Stella Morris
Elizabeth Golaszewski
Rachel Ahn
Riley Kauffman
Shay Kaminski
Lindsey Weaver
Sara Funk
Emma Bannach

High 5:
Tap: Lilly Lawrence
Jazz: Fallyn Kauffman, Cecilia Mazzocco, Olivia Lawrence, Amelia Rater
Ballet: Graysi Pellegrine
Hiphop: Jaden Carothers


February 19, 2017

Regional Scholarship: Julia Miller

ADP Crew Scholarship: Emma Bannach, Riley Kauffman, Lindsey Weaver, Shay Kaminski, Stella Morris

Hypnosis: Judges choice of contemporary genre.

Junior 2nd Place Soloist: Riley Kauffman

Junior 5th Place Soloist: Lindsey Weaver

Teen 2nd Place Solo: Julia Miller

Teen 1st Place Duet: This Too Shall Pass

Junior 1st Place Duet: Don't Worry About Me


February 12, 2017


1st place mini solo Castle - Stella Morris

Junior Solo Highscore

3rd Place: Dollhouse - Amelia Rater

2nd Place: The Grey Lady - Shay Kaminski

1st Place: Chasing light - Riley Kauffman

Teen Solo Highscore

3rd Place: Shelter - Hope Neal

2nd Place: Where the Light Gets In - Rachel Ahn

1st Place: With Time Between Us - Julia Miller

Junior Duet Highscore

3rd Place: Shake the Room

1st Place: Maps

Teen Duet Highscore

2nd Place: The Final Piece

1st Place: This Too Shall Pass

Overall Highscore of Competition:

2nd Place - With Time Between Us

Outstanding Concept: Castle

Outstanding Performance: This Too Shall Pass

The "Jaw Dropper" Award: With Time Between Us


Fallyn Kauffman

Jaden Carothers

Rachel Ahn

Stella Morris

Riley Kauffman

Sabrina Velegol

Raegan Scullin

Julia Miller

Grier Full 3 Week Summer Scholorship: Stella Morris


January 29, 2017

Jamm Squad Winners:
Emma Bannach
Lindsey Weaver

Scholarships Winners:
Emma Bannach
Cassie Greenland
Elizabeth Golaszewski
Alyssa Montler
Emma Corkery
Shay Kaminski
Jaden Carothers
Riley Kauffman
Stella Morris
Zach Ritchie
Lindsey Weaver


January 15, 2017

Overall High Score of Competition out of 424 Dances - Outrageous - Indigo team

Scholarship to Clifton Summer Intensive: Rachel Ahn

DMI Summer Intensive Scholarship: Julia Miller

Regional Scholarship: Jenna Brugler, Lindsey Weaver

Steven Boyd Regional Scholarship: Lilly Lawrence

Zach Venegas class scholarship to nationals: Sara Funk

Junior Solo 3rd Runner Up: Castle - Stella Morris

Preteen Solo 5th Runner Up: Chasing Light - Riley Kauffman

Preteen Solo First Runner Up: Memory - Lindsey Weaver

Mr. Preteen first place solo: Can't Stop the Feeling - Zach Ritchie

Teen Solo 7th Runner Up: Where the Light Gets In - Rachel Ahn

Senior Solo 10th Runner Up: Your Day Will Come - Jenna Brugler

Senior Solo 5th Runner Up: Mirage - Emma Bannach

Senior Solo 2nd Runner Up: It Doesn't Hurt - Cassie Greenland

Senior Solo 1st Runner Up: With Time Between Us - Julia Miller

Preteen Duo/trio High Score - Don't Worry About Me - Lindsey Weaver/Riley Kauffman

Preteen Judges Choice - Ears Ring - Mauve Team

Teen Line First Runner Up - Freaks of Nature - Rose Team

Senior Group High Score - The Gardener - Coral Team

Senior Line First Runner Up - Manolo - Turquoise Team


November 6, 2016

Congratulations Rachel, Lindsey and Zach!

Rachel won Teen Miss Dance of Pennsylvania.

Zach and Lindsey won Junior Mr. & Miss Dance of Pennsylvania respectively.

They will represent Pennsylvania, Chapter 10, in New Orleans in July for the national competition. 




Radix Dance Convention - Tyson's Corner, VA
May 14-15, 2016
Cutting Edge Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Award: Anna Scourtis and Brooke Givens
Mini On The Edge Winner: Lindsey Weaver
Mini On The Edge Runner Up: Shay Kaminski
Tied for 1st Place and received "On the Edge" Award: Flight
8th Runner Up Solo: Burn Bright

Radix Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
May 7-8, 2016
One Way: Gold
Resolve: Gold
Invincible: Gold
Riley Kauffman: Mini On the Edge Runner Up
Cutting Edge Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Award: Stella Morris

GK Dance Competition - Bedford, PA
April 16-17, 2016
Judges Awards:
"Triple Threat" - Time
"Most Entertaining" - Who Will Comfort Me
"Unbreakable Character" - Speaking of Truth
"Extra Expressive" - One Way
"Most Creative" - Siri Says
"Most Interesting Prop" - Hold Onto Hope
"Graceful" Award - At Last
"Great Group" - Sing Sing Sing
"One More Time" Award - Sing Sing Sing
Overall Preteen Solos:
I'll Keep You Safe - 1st Place
One Way - 3rd Place
Preteen Small Groups:
Disappear - 1st Place
Preteen Lines:
Sing Sing Sing - 1st Place
Ball - 2nd Place
Dona Nobis Pacem II - 3rd Place
Teen Solos:
Who Will Comfort Me - 1st Place
I Can't Make You Love Me - 2nd Place
Teen Duo/Trios:
Time - 2nd Place
Let Her Go - 3rd Place
Teen Small Groups:
Last Train - 1st Place
The Faction - 2nd Place
Trippin' - 3rd Place
Teen Large Groups:
Siri Says - 1st Place
Elementary Solos:
Shake It Up - 3rd Place
Intermediate Duo/Trios:
Whistle While You Work - 2nd Place
Everybody needs a best friend -1st Place
Intermediate Solos:
Willow - Tied For 3rd Place
Hold My Hand - Tied For 3rd Place
Modern Drift - 2nd Place
I Believe - 1st Place
Intermediate Groups:
Hold Onto Hope - 1st Place
Intermediate Large Groups:
Secret of your Gift- 2nd Place
Scholarship Winners (Top 5 of 14)
Leah Engleheart - $800
Emily Beyer - $1000
Michelle Irwin - $2000

Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
April 1-3, 2016
Top Elite Junior Solos:
Flight - 1st Place
Invincible - 2nd Place
Burn Bright - 4th Place
Top Elite Junior Duo/Trios:
I Was Here - 1st Place
Something New - 4th Place
Top Elite Petite Small Groups:
Stronger - 1st Place
Top Elite Junior Small Groups:
Brave - 2nd Place
Piano - 3rd Place
Top Elite Junior Large Groups:
I Won't Grow Up - 1st Place
Secret Of Your Gift - 3rd Place
Hold Onto Hope - 5th Place
Top Elite Junior Super Groups:
Happy - 1st Place
Top Elite Teen Solos:
Cold - 4th Place
The Road Not Taken - 2nd Place
Top Elite Teen Duo/Trios:
That's Life - 1st Place
Heart of Stone - 2nd Place
Top Elite Teen Small Groups:
Fools - 2nd Place
Fortunate Son - 3rd Place
I Gotcha - 4th Place
Top Elite Senior Solos:
Who Will Comfort Me - 1st Place
Speaking of Truth - 2nd Place
Fall For You - 3rd Place
Let it All Go - 4th Place
Runaway - 5th Place
Top Elite Senior Duo/Trios:
Let Her Go - 1st Place
Time - 2nd Place
Like A River Runs - 3rd Place
Disappear - 1st overall teen large group
Sing Sing Sing - 1st overall senior large group
Siri Says - 1st overall senior super group
Encore Extreme Scholarship - Cassie Greenland and Lindsey Weaver
Judges' Choice Best Choreography- The Faction
Judges' Choice Most Entertaining- Insidious
Elite Junior Highest Score- Flight- Lindsey Weaver
Elite Teen Highest Score - Sing Sing Sing
Elite Senior Highest Score - Who Will Comfort Me - Emma Bannach


Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Seven Springs, PA
March 23-26, 2016
Flight (Lindsey Weaver): Judges' Choice 12 and under solo
Dona Nobis Pacem: 1 of 5 Jane Cicci Memorial Awards (out of 446 total dances)
Like A River Runs: Choreography Award
Hope Neal: Winner of hip hop dance off
Division 2 Solos (out of 36 total dances)
Flight - 2nd Place
Burn Bright - 6th place
Resolve - 8th place
Division 2 Duo/Trio (out of 14 total dances)
I Was Here - 1st Place
Division 2 Groups (out of 11 total dances)
Piano - 1st Place
Division 2 Small Lines (out of 7 total dances)
Until You Love You - 1st Place
Division 3 Solos (out of 57 total dances)
Invincible - 2nd Place
Division 3 Small Line (out of 12 total dances)
Mystery of Your Gift - 3rd Place
Division 4 Solos (out of 56 total dances)
Road Not Taken - 1st Place
One Way - 4th Place
Division 4 Duo/Trio (out of 16 total dances)
Elastic Heart - 3rd Place
Division 4 Groups (out of 15 dances)
Fortunate Son - 2nd Place
Division 4 Small Lines (out of 7 total dances)
Disappear - 1st Place
Division 5 Solos (out of 32 total dances)
Hollow Drum - 4th Place
I Can't Make You Love Me - 7th Place
Division 5 Duo/Trio (out of 15 total dances)
Like A River Runs - 1st Place
Let Her Go - 2nd Place
Time - 3rd Place
Division 6/7 Solos (out of 29 total dances)
Who Will Comfort Me - 3rd Place
Runaway - 4th Place
Fall For You - 6th Place
Let It All Go - 10th Place

24/7 Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
March 11-13, 2016
Shay Kaminski: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Amelia Rater: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Riley Kauffman: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Lindsey Weaver: Non-Stop Dancer Winner, 6th Place Solo for "Flight"
Jaden Carothers: Hip Hop Class Award

Nuvo Dance Convention - National Harbor, MD
March 4-6, 2016
Lindsey Weaver: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist, 6th Place Mini Solo with "Flight"
Stella Morris: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist, 10th Place Mini Solo with "Resolve"
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Winner, 5th Place Mini Solo with "Invincible"
Amelia Rater: Tap Class Award
Rachel Ahn: Jazz Class Award
Hope Neal: Hip Hop Class Award

Artists Simply Human - Pittsburgh, PA
February 27-28,2016
Lindsey Weaver: Apprentice Scholarship & "Baby You Got It" Award for "Flight"
Amelia Rater: Apprentice Scholarship Finalist
Elizabeth Golaszewski: Apprentice Scholarship Finalist

Headliners Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
February 26-28, 2016
Julia Miller: Miss Teen Headliner, "Legs & Feet" Award for "I'll Keep You Safe",
Nomination to 2016 US Dance Team, 1st Place Overall Solo
Stella Morris: 2nd Place Overall Mini Solo, "Resolve"
Alyssa Montler & Jordan Hlivia: 1st Place Overall Mini Duo/Trio, "Sassy"

DanceMakers Inc. - Dearborn, MI
February 13,14, 2016
Julia Miller: Winner of Teen Solo Division

Jump Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
February 13,14, 2016
Brooke Givens: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Lexi Lonsdale: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award


Motion Dance Competition - Altoona PA
February 6 & 7, 2016
Brooke Givens
Stella Morris
Lindsey Weaver
Shay Kaminski

Overall high scores of the 53 routines
3rd Place: Lindsey Weaver, “Flight”
2nd Place & The "Jaw Dropper" Award: Rachel Ahn, “The Road Not Taken”
Most Outstanding Performance: “Something New” Stella Morris and Amelia Rater

Mini 1st Place solo: “Resolve” Stella Morris
Junior 1st Place solo: “Flight” Lindsey Weaver
Teen 1st Place solo: “The Road Not Taken” Rachel Ahn
Senior 2nd Place solo: “Who Will Comfort Me” Emma Bannach
Mini 1st Place duo/trio: “Something New” Stella Morris and Amelia Rater
Junior 1st Place duo/trio: “I Was Here” Riley Kauffman, Shay Kaminski, Lindsey Weaver
Junior 1st Place group: “Piano”

Jump Dance Convention - Valley Forge, PA
January 29-31, 2016
Can't Do It Alone: 3rd Place Mini Duo/Trio
I Was Here: 2nd Place Mini Duo/Trio
Elastic Heart: 2nd Place Teen Duo/Trio (Tie)
That's Life: 2nd Place Teen Duo/Trio (Tie)
Time: 2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio
Let Her Go: 3rd Place Senior Duo/Trio
Like a River Runs: 1st Place Senior Duo/Trio
Loud: 1st Place Jumpstarts Group
Brave: High Score Mini Lyrical
Piano: 3rd Place Mini Group, High Score Mini Specialty, Mini Best of Jump
I Won't Grow Up: 1st Place Mini Line
Happy: 1st Place Mini Extended Line
Dona Nobis Pacem 2: 2nd Place Teen Production
Disappear: 2nd Place Teen Line
Improvisation: 2nd Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Improv
The Faction: 3rd Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Contemporary
Trippin': High Score Senior Jazz
Last Train: 1st Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Lyrical, Senior Best of Jump,
Best in Studio, Dance Again Award
Bayla Furmanek: Tap Class Award
Mia Case: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Sophia Ghinos: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Kasie Hertzberg: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Kiyah Lugue: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Alyssa Montler: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Megan Reese: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Lilly Lawrence: Ballet Class Award
Amelia Rater: Ballet Class Award
Lauren Velegol: Ballet Class Award
Emily Zhang: Ballet Class Award
Claire Zheng: Ballet Class Award
Shay Kaminski: Mini VIP Finalist
Stella Morris: Mini VIP Finalist
Zach Ritchie: Mini VIP Finalist
Lindsey Weaver: Mini VIP Winner
Riley Kauffman: Mini VIP Winner
Casey Kauffman: Teen VIP Finalist
Rachel Ahn: Teen VIP Finalist
Emma Bannach: Senior VIP Finalist, 6th Place Senior Solo


Dance Makers Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 15-17, 2016
Lindsey Weaver: Regional Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Pre-Teen Solo Division
Riley Kauffman: Regional Scholarship
Julia Miller: Summer Intensive Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Teen Solo Division
Emma Bannach: Retter's Audition Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Senior Solo Division
Casey Kauffman: Scholarship Finalist, 5th Runner Up in Senior Solo Division
Kayla Orner: Nationals Scholarship from Keith
Stella Morris: 3rd Runner Up in the Junior Solo Division
Lilly Lawrence: 10th Runner Up in the Junior Solo Division
Lexi Lonsdale: 9th Runner Up in the Teen Solo Division
Rachel Ahn: Winner of Teen Solo Division
Emily Dale: 3rd Runner up in the Senior Solo Division
Cassie Greenland: 7th Runner up in the Senior Solo Division
Rachel King: 10th Runner Up in the Senior Solo Division
Senior Line, Best of Category: The Faction
Senior Production, Best of Category: Siri Says
Junior Line Judges' Choice: I Won't Grow Up
Junior Production Best of Category: Happy
Pre-Teen Line Judges' Choice: Hold on to Hope
Teen Production Judges' Choice: Ball
Overall High Score & "Dance Again" Award: Disappear

Nuvo Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
November 20-22, 2015
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
November 7, 2015
Stella Morris: Most Talented Non-finalist Award, Petite Miss Dance of PA
Lindsey Weaver: 9th Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Shay Kaminski: 6th Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Riley Kauffman: 2nd Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Julia Miller: Modern Class Winner & 5th Runner Up, Teen Miss Dance of PA
Rachel Ahn: 2nd Runner Up, Teen Miss Dance of PA

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
September 26, 2015
Julia Miller: Winner of Cash Scholarship (3rd Overall)



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