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Radix Dance Convention - Tyson's Corner, VA
May 14-15, 2016
Cutting Edge Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Award: Anna Scourtis and Brooke Givens
Mini On The Edge Winner: Lindsey Weaver
Mini On The Edge Runner Up: Shay Kaminski
Tied for 1st Place and received "On the Edge" Award: Flight
8th Runner Up Solo: Burn Bright

Radix Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
May 7-8, 2016
One Way: Gold
Resolve: Gold
Invincible: Gold
Riley Kauffman: Mini On the Edge Runner Up
Cutting Edge Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Award: Stella Morris

GK Dance Competition - Bedford, PA
April 16-17, 2016
Judges Awards:
"Triple Threat" - Time
"Most Entertaining" - Who Will Comfort Me
"Unbreakable Character" - Speaking of Truth
"Extra Expressive" - One Way
"Most Creative" - Siri Says
"Most Interesting Prop" - Hold Onto Hope
"Graceful" Award - At Last
"Great Group" - Sing Sing Sing
"One More Time" Award - Sing Sing Sing
Overall Preteen Solos:
I'll Keep You Safe - 1st Place
One Way - 3rd Place
Preteen Small Groups:
Disappear - 1st Place
Preteen Lines:
Sing Sing Sing - 1st Place
Ball - 2nd Place
Dona Nobis Pacem II - 3rd Place
Teen Solos:
Who Will Comfort Me - 1st Place
I Can't Make You Love Me - 2nd Place
Teen Duo/Trios:
Time - 2nd Place
Let Her Go - 3rd Place
Teen Small Groups:
Last Train - 1st Place
The Faction - 2nd Place
Trippin' - 3rd Place
Teen Large Groups:
Siri Says - 1st Place
Elementary Solos:
Shake It Up - 3rd Place
Intermediate Duo/Trios:
Whistle While You Work - 2nd Place
Everybody needs a best friend -1st Place
Intermediate Solos:
Willow - Tied For 3rd Place
Hold My Hand - Tied For 3rd Place
Modern Drift - 2nd Place
I Believe - 1st Place
Intermediate Groups:
Hold Onto Hope - 1st Place
Intermediate Large Groups:
Secret of your Gift- 2nd Place
Scholarship Winners (Top 5 of 14)
Leah Engleheart - $800
Emily Beyer - $1000
Michelle Irwin - $2000

Encore Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
April 1-3, 2016
Top Elite Junior Solos:
Flight - 1st Place
Invincible - 2nd Place
Burn Bright - 4th Place
Top Elite Junior Duo/Trios:
I Was Here - 1st Place
Something New - 4th Place
Top Elite Petite Small Groups:
Stronger - 1st Place
Top Elite Junior Small Groups:
Brave - 2nd Place
Piano - 3rd Place
Top Elite Junior Large Groups:
I Won't Grow Up - 1st Place
Secret Of Your Gift - 3rd Place
Hold Onto Hope - 5th Place
Top Elite Junior Super Groups:
Happy - 1st Place
Top Elite Teen Solos:
Cold - 4th Place
The Road Not Taken - 2nd Place
Top Elite Teen Duo/Trios:
That's Life - 1st Place
Heart of Stone - 2nd Place
Top Elite Teen Small Groups:
Fools - 2nd Place
Fortunate Son - 3rd Place
I Gotcha - 4th Place
Top Elite Senior Solos:
Who Will Comfort Me - 1st Place
Speaking of Truth - 2nd Place
Fall For You - 3rd Place
Let it All Go - 4th Place
Runaway - 5th Place
Top Elite Senior Duo/Trios:
Let Her Go - 1st Place
Time - 2nd Place
Like A River Runs - 3rd Place
Disappear - 1st overall teen large group
Sing Sing Sing - 1st overall senior large group
Siri Says - 1st overall senior super group
Encore Extreme Scholarship - Cassie Greenland and Lindsey Weaver
Judges' Choice Best Choreography- The Faction
Judges' Choice Most Entertaining- Insidious
Elite Junior Highest Score- Flight- Lindsey Weaver
Elite Teen Highest Score - Sing Sing Sing
Elite Senior Highest Score - Who Will Comfort Me - Emma Bannach


Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Seven Springs, PA
March 23-26, 2016
Flight (Lindsey Weaver): Judges' Choice 12 and under solo
Dona Nobis Pacem: 1 of 5 Jane Cicci Memorial Awards (out of 446 total dances)
Like A River Runs: Choreography Award
Hope Neal: Winner of hip hop dance off
Division 2 Solos (out of 36 total dances)
Flight - 2nd Place
Burn Bright - 6th place
Resolve - 8th place
Division 2 Duo/Trio (out of 14 total dances)
I Was Here - 1st Place
Division 2 Groups (out of 11 total dances)
Piano - 1st Place
Division 2 Small Lines (out of 7 total dances)
Until You Love You - 1st Place
Division 3 Solos (out of 57 total dances)
Invincible - 2nd Place
Division 3 Small Line (out of 12 total dances)
Mystery of Your Gift - 3rd Place
Division 4 Solos (out of 56 total dances)
Road Not Taken - 1st Place
One Way - 4th Place
Division 4 Duo/Trio (out of 16 total dances)
Elastic Heart - 3rd Place
Division 4 Groups (out of 15 dances)
Fortunate Son - 2nd Place
Division 4 Small Lines (out of 7 total dances)
Disappear - 1st Place
Division 5 Solos (out of 32 total dances)
Hollow Drum - 4th Place
I Can't Make You Love Me - 7th Place
Division 5 Duo/Trio (out of 15 total dances)
Like A River Runs - 1st Place
Let Her Go - 2nd Place
Time - 3rd Place
Division 6/7 Solos (out of 29 total dances)
Who Will Comfort Me - 3rd Place
Runaway - 4th Place
Fall For You - 6th Place
Let It All Go - 10th Place

24/7 Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
March 11-13, 2016
Shay Kaminski: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Amelia Rater: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Riley Kauffman: Non-Stop Dancer Finalist
Lindsey Weaver: Non-Stop Dancer Winner, 6th Place Solo for "Flight"
Jaden Carothers: Hip Hop Class Award

Nuvo Dance Convention - National Harbor, MD
March 4-6, 2016
Lindsey Weaver: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist, 6th Place Mini Solo with "Flight"
Stella Morris: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist, 10th Place Mini Solo with "Resolve"
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Winner, 5th Place Mini Solo with "Invincible"
Amelia Rater: Tap Class Award
Rachel Ahn: Jazz Class Award
Hope Neal: Hip Hop Class Award

Artists Simply Human - Pittsburgh, PA
February 27-28,2016
Lindsey Weaver: Apprentice Scholarship & "Baby You Got It" Award for "Flight"
Amelia Rater: Apprentice Scholarship Finalist
Elizabeth Golaszewski: Apprentice Scholarship Finalist

Headliners Dance Competition - Johnstown, PA
February 26-28, 2016
Julia Miller: Miss Teen Headliner, "Legs & Feet" Award for "I'll Keep You Safe",
Nomination to 2016 US Dance Team, 1st Place Overall Solo
Stella Morris: 2nd Place Overall Mini Solo, "Resolve"
Alyssa Montler & Jordan Hlivia: 1st Place Overall Mini Duo/Trio, "Sassy"

DanceMakers Inc. - Dearborn, MI
February 13,14, 2016
Julia Miller: Winner of Teen Solo Division

Jump Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
February 13,14, 2016
Brooke Givens: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Lexi Lonsdale: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award


Motion Dance Competition - Altoona PA
February 6 & 7, 2016
Brooke Givens
Stella Morris
Lindsey Weaver
Shay Kaminski

Overall high scores of the 53 routines
3rd Place: Lindsey Weaver, “Flight”
2nd Place & The "Jaw Dropper" Award: Rachel Ahn, “The Road Not Taken”
Most Outstanding Performance: “Something New” Stella Morris and Amelia Rater

Mini 1st Place solo: “Resolve” Stella Morris
Junior 1st Place solo: “Flight” Lindsey Weaver
Teen 1st Place solo: “The Road Not Taken” Rachel Ahn
Senior 2nd Place solo: “Who Will Comfort Me” Emma Bannach
Mini 1st Place duo/trio: “Something New” Stella Morris and Amelia Rater
Junior 1st Place duo/trio: “I Was Here” Riley Kauffman, Shay Kaminski, Lindsey Weaver
Junior 1st Place group: “Piano”

Jump Dance Convention - Valley Forge, PA
January 29-31, 2016
Can't Do It Alone: 3rd Place Mini Duo/Trio
I Was Here: 2nd Place Mini Duo/Trio
Elastic Heart: 2nd Place Teen Duo/Trio (Tie)
That's Life: 2nd Place Teen Duo/Trio (Tie)
Time: 2nd Place Senior Duo/Trio
Let Her Go: 3rd Place Senior Duo/Trio
Like a River Runs: 1st Place Senior Duo/Trio
Loud: 1st Place Jumpstarts Group
Brave: High Score Mini Lyrical
Piano: 3rd Place Mini Group, High Score Mini Specialty, Mini Best of Jump
I Won't Grow Up: 1st Place Mini Line
Happy: 1st Place Mini Extended Line
Dona Nobis Pacem 2: 2nd Place Teen Production
Disappear: 2nd Place Teen Line
Improvisation: 2nd Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Improv
The Faction: 3rd Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Contemporary
Trippin': High Score Senior Jazz
Last Train: 1st Place Senior Line, High Score Senior Lyrical, Senior Best of Jump,
Best in Studio, Dance Again Award
Bayla Furmanek: Tap Class Award
Mia Case: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Sophia Ghinos: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Kasie Hertzberg: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Kiyah Lugue: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Alyssa Montler: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Megan Reese: Jazz/Contemporary Class Award
Lilly Lawrence: Ballet Class Award
Amelia Rater: Ballet Class Award
Lauren Velegol: Ballet Class Award
Emily Zhang: Ballet Class Award
Claire Zheng: Ballet Class Award
Shay Kaminski: Mini VIP Finalist
Stella Morris: Mini VIP Finalist
Zach Ritchie: Mini VIP Finalist
Lindsey Weaver: Mini VIP Winner
Riley Kauffman: Mini VIP Winner
Casey Kauffman: Teen VIP Finalist
Rachel Ahn: Teen VIP Finalist
Emma Bannach: Senior VIP Finalist, 6th Place Senior Solo


Dance Makers Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
January 15-17, 2016
Lindsey Weaver: Regional Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Pre-Teen Solo Division
Riley Kauffman: Regional Scholarship
Julia Miller: Summer Intensive Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Teen Solo Division
Emma Bannach: Retter's Audition Scholarship, 1st Runner Up in Senior Solo Division
Casey Kauffman: Scholarship Finalist, 5th Runner Up in Senior Solo Division
Kayla Orner: Nationals Scholarship from Keith
Stella Morris: 3rd Runner Up in the Junior Solo Division
Lilly Lawrence: 10th Runner Up in the Junior Solo Division
Lexi Lonsdale: 9th Runner Up in the Teen Solo Division
Rachel Ahn: Winner of Teen Solo Division
Emily Dale: 3rd Runner up in the Senior Solo Division
Cassie Greenland: 7th Runner up in the Senior Solo Division
Rachel King: 10th Runner Up in the Senior Solo Division
Senior Line, Best of Category: The Faction
Senior Production, Best of Category: Siri Says
Junior Line Judges' Choice: I Won't Grow Up
Junior Production Best of Category: Happy
Pre-Teen Line Judges' Choice: Hold on to Hope
Teen Production Judges' Choice: Ball
Overall High Score & "Dance Again" Award: Disappear

Nuvo Dance Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
November 20-22, 2015
Riley Kauffman: Mini Breakout Artist Finalist

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
November 7, 2015
Stella Morris: Most Talented Non-finalist Award, Petite Miss Dance of PA
Lindsey Weaver: 9th Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Shay Kaminski: 6th Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Riley Kauffman: 2nd Runner Up, Jr. Miss Dance of PA
Julia Miller: Modern Class Winner & 5th Runner Up, Teen Miss Dance of PA
Rachel Ahn: 2nd Runner Up, Teen Miss Dance of PA

Dance Masters of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, PA
September 26, 2015
Julia Miller: Winner of Cash Scholarship (3rd Overall)



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