We pulled our students aside between classes and asked them what they think of dancing here!



"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Cassie, Nicole and the whole studio staff for the the fantastic experience Abigail has had in class all year and this Spring rehearsal/recital! I can't say enough good about how wonderful your studio is and we love and appreciate you all so much." - Kay

"I just wanted to send my compliments to the teachers, dancers and staff of Centre Dance.  This was our first dance recital and I was very impressed.  The kiddos did FANTASTIC!  Obviously, there is talent there, but the hard work and dedication of the staff is also apparent." - Heather

"Every year, I volunteer to usher one evening at your Spring Recital, and I never fail to be awed by the skill, creativity, athleticism and the incredibly high standard that your dancers (and teachers) achieve." - Karl  


"I like doing ballet. I like Miss Jamie and my helpers and pointing my toes." - Annie

"I like that I can help teach and introduce new generations to dance." - Amelia


"I am excited to come to dance every Tuesday. I really like Orange team. The teachers are nice and I like learning the dances and the songs and the costumes."


"At school I have recently been awarded an organization award and I completely have dance to thank for it. During the short three years I have been dancing for I have truly learned so much, but one of the biggest things is organization. In dance it is practically required to be organized, from the quick shoe changes to the many costumes and accessories, non organization would make this impossible. So, I have realized that dance is not only to learn technique and performance but lifelong skills such as organization that can make life a whole lot easier. So for my recent award I have Centre Dance to thank."


"I appreciate all my teachers because they teach me a lot, not just about dance, but about my life. I like dancing at this studio because our team treats each other like one big family. The dance studio is where I feel at home and the place where I can be myself and know that I don't have to worry about anybody judging me."


"I love my teachers and friends at dance, and I love dancing. I love dancing in the shows!"


"I like how everyone is kind here and I'm friends with everyone. I feel included." - Lilly

"What I like about the studio is the teachers, how everyone is so nice, the costumes, the dance classes, and being on stage." - Olivia


"I like the experience of being able to meet all of the new teachers and them passing on their knowledge. I also like performing with my friends that I've created from this team. "


"There's a very good team atmosphere here, and we bond a lot. There's good variety of classes so we become well-rounded as dancers. All of our teachers are talented and experienced, and we learn a lot from them."


"My favorite thing about my team is that the friendship and team spirit it builds. The studio is like a second home to me and always has different opportunities for me to look forward to. Teachers always bring new work to challenge me with."


"I think it's a good environment because my teachers and team are very nice, and they are caring." - Kayla

"I like my teachers because they push us to work hard. The more they teach us, the better we get. It teaches us stamina." - Bella


"I love the relationship I have built with the team, and I've learned time management skills." - Anna

"I love Centre Dance because I learn many life lessons and teamwork." - Julia


"Everyone is so supportive of your dancing, and that makes it really fun and enjoyable." - Emma

"I started out with just one class, and the amount I improved was incredible. It was a great way to become fit." - Lauren



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