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Before enrolling, read the HANDBOOK (linked below) thoroughly!

There is a $40 un-refundable fee for enrollment. 

Enrollment: Admissions
Enrollment: Admissions
Enrollment: Admissions
Enrollment: Admissions

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Enrollment: About

Monthly Rates

Centre Dance Tuition 2022-2023 Pricing

30 Minute Class …………………….…..…...……......$50

45 Minute Class ………………….……….……...…....$60

Dancers enrolled in more than 1 class will receive a 10% off discount

Unlimited Classes…………………………………..…..$165 (Non Avid)

  • Any dancer enrolled in 2 or more classes will receive 10% off of the total monthly tuition 

  • A family discount of 5% for any family with 2 dancers taking 3 or more classes each, or any family with 3 dancers taking 2 or more classes each if paying by cash or check (monthly).

  • If you pay your full year tuition by THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS you will receive an additional 10% discount if paying by cash or check or 5% discount if paying on a card. However, if you quit any classes or quit entirely you will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee of $50.00 per class that you quit.

Multiple discounts can be applied together.

Enrollment: Admissions

Class Descriptions

Intro to Dance:

Intro to Dance is a class designed to introduce young students to ballet, tap, jazz and acrobatics. Students learn the basics of these styles of dance and will perform in both the Nutcracker and spring recital.


Ballet is a very structured style of dance and is the foundation of all other styles. In this class, students will learn how to properly execute ballet technique through a number of exercises. These include stretching, ballet barre, center work, and across the floor. All ballet classes will perform in both the Nutcracker and the Spring Recital.


Pointe is an advancement of ballet. Pointe dancers execute ballet technique while wearing pointe shoes to stand on their toes. Dancers must take at least one ballet technique class in addition to this class. Pointe dancers will typically work on technique the first year and will begin performances in the second year.


Students wear tap shoes to create musical rhythms with their feet.  Students will learn how to understand and interpret music as well as proper tap technique and style.


Jazz is a more upbeat, fast-paced dance style. Students will practice traditional jazz technique such as jumps, kicks and turns, as well as self expression through expressive/dramatic movements.


Lyrical is based on ballet technique but is based more on expressing emotions. Dance moves and the mood of the dance are often based on the lyrics of the song. Students at Centre Dance are required to take ballet simultaneously with lyrical to be eligible for this class due to its strong basis in ballet.

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is a high energy dance style. Students are encouraged to dance outside of their comfort zone. Hip Hop classes at Centre Dance include technical hip hop moves as well as freestyle and self expression.


Acrobatics class focuses on flexibility, strength and some tumbling. Acro classes may include tricks such as bridges, handstands, walkovers, cartwheels/roundoffs, aerials and/or handsprings. Classes are taught based on the student’s ability and students do not need prior training to enroll in this course. It is encouraged for students to simultaneously be enrolled in ballet so they can learn ballet technique such as stretched legs and feet and core strength and apply these techniques to their acrobatic moves.

Stretching and Conditioning:

Stretching and Conditioning classes include specifically designed workouts to improve dancers’ abilities in the other styles. Leg, core, and arm conditioning are all instructed in a way that they are specific to a dancer’s physical needs. Students will also focus on improving flexibility, again, to advance them in other dance styles.   

Enrollment: Welcome
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